Drain Services

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Clogged drains?  we specialize in drain clearing! 

Admiral Plumbing offers complete drain clearing services in the Oakville and Burlington area!  We clear all clogged drains in your bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks and garburators, laundry room sinks, and main sewer drains. 

Please don’t use those harsh cleaners on the grocery shelves to try to clear your blockages.  Sometimes a blockage may be caused by something as simple as hair, in which case a drain cleaning agent may work to help dissolve the item that is causing the blockage for a short time. But frequently using these products will only dissolve the hair, or other foreign matter, into a clump leaving you with the same problem and wasted time.

As plumbers in Oakville and Burlington we see this issue almost every day.  We know that often the clog is a symptom and not the actual problem. Therefore, it is usually wise to have a licenced plumber look at the problem. Your stoppage could be caused by roots or other objects. If this is the case, drain cleaning products are a waste of time and money.  Depending on how far down your line the blockage is, you may need specialized plumbing equipment to help clear the stoppage and restore the normal flow of water down your drain.

Also, if you have tried using the chemical clearing agents prior to calling Admiral Plumbing, please let the plumber know!

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Hot Water Tanks

Admiral Plumbing Services_Ontario_Canada There are several types of water heaters using several types of energy. The most common water heaters in the Oakville and Burlington areas are electric or gas tank style water heaters, otherwise known as hot water tanks. Both the electric and gas hot water tanks are either owned or rented. To know if you are renting your hot water tank, look at your hydro bill or gas bill in the itemized section. Please note: if you are renting a water heater then your rental company is the only company that can provide service to that unit. 
Warning for renters: The tanks rental fees will cost you more than purchasing the tank out right!

Another point to consider for gas rental tanks is the quality. I know most people who are renting don't really care about the quality so long as it works. But that is a mistake that can cost them thousands of dollars over time.

Standard hot water tanks have an energy factor of only 59 per cent when they are brand new, but over time the accumulation of sediment in the bottom of the tank further reduces the energy efficiency of the unit. These tanks simply were not made to be efficient, just cheap to rent. The low rental price tag is attractive, but the energy bills will not be.

Try tankless
Currently the only high efficiency natural gas water heaters available start at over $4,000. Not many people have those installed due to their higher costs. There is however a movement towards tankless water heaters (they have been used in Europe for over 20 years and are well-known for their energy savings). These tankless water heaters have an energy factor around .85 and are designed in such a way as to allow for future cleaning to maintain that efficiency. They are also smaller and hung on a wall taking up less living and/or storage space.

For those who can’t afford the more efficient natural gas water heaters, electric is still a very efficient way of heating water. One big advantage is they are quiet and reliable. But the bad news is they are an expensive energy user. If your water demands are small, an electric hot water tank may still be a viable option. In most cases electric hot water tanks are the least costly option to have installed.

Deciding which type of water heater to go with is not always as easy as you would hope. You need to consider your budget, the time you will be in the home, and your hot water consumption patterns.

Why is Admiral Plumbing Oakville and Burlington’s best choice in water heater installation?

  • Licensed, certified, and insured
  • Professional installations
  • Customer Service available when you need it 

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Kitchen Plumbing

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The plumbing needs in a kitchen range from installing a refrigerator water line, to a dishwasher install, to faucet leaks and drain clearing.  Our Oakville and Burlington plumbers can do it all!

Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser!  With instant, near-boiling water right at your kitchen sink, you can simplify countless cooking and cleaning tasks. Consider how much time this revolutionary appliance can save you. You can brew gourmet coffee instantly, warm baby bottles, make instant soups, clean sticky pans, and do much more. Think of it as convenience at your fingertips, a unique and welcome solution to the rapid pace of today's on-the-go lifestyles.

Garburators are a convenience that some of us can’t live without!  When you have a garburator issue we can help.  Our Oakville plumber will repair, replace or install new garburators.

Dishwashers are found in the kitchens of almost every home and have become a necessary appliance for those households. If you have a leak with your dishwasher or need a new one installed, give our Burlington plumber a call to get the job done!

Upgrading your refrigerator and need a water line run for the ice maker and water dispenser?  Our licenced plumber is here to help.  Even with a finished basement, we can work with your home to add the type of appliance you want.  We can also do any water line repair you have. 

Kitchen renovations are our specialty!  Complete kitchen renovations can sometimes lead to moving water and drain lines.  Call your Oakville plumber to get your fixtures removed and install your new selections.  Let us help with all your plumbing needs!

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Thinking of renovating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room? Want to add a bathroom in your basement? Admiral Plumbing is here to help!   

Our Oakville based plumbing company is here to help with your plumbing needs when renovating bathrooms, kitchens or laundry area.  We can help you with fixture selection, layout and other plumbing concerns. Our master plumber will help you decide which fixtures are right for your home and what plumbing changes, if any, are required to make your renovation work.  We can even pick up your plumbing fixtures and bring them with us for installation! 

Installation of new basement bathrooms are our specialty!  We install new faucets and sinks, top mount or under mount, into Corian, Granite, Marble or any other solid surface countertop.  Do you want a basement bar with a sink?  No problem!  Call your Oakville Plumber today to discuss your plans and to get an estimate.

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Sump/Sewage Pumps

A sump pump plays a pivotal role in your home’s drainage system. In fact, the effectiveness of your drainage system is solely dependent on the smooth operation of the pump. At times, sump pump failure does happen, leaving your basement area vulnerable to costly damage.

Proper maintenance can ensure that your sump pump is able to work properly and protect your home when you need it.  Our Oakville plumbers can keep your sump pump running smoothly.  Give us a call to book your maintenance appointment. Need your sump pump replaced?  We can do that too!  Our Burlington Plumbers can bring the new unit right to your door and install it for you.  Give us a call to protect your most valuable asset from water damage.

One call to Admiral Plumbing will get you the prompt plumbing service you need in Oakville and Burlington.  We will do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work AND we warranty the service that we provide!

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Admiral Plumbing, Burlington

Toilet Repairs & Replacements

From toilet repairs to replacements, our Oakville and Burlington plumbers are here for you!

We service almost every brand on the market and can get the specific parts you need to keep your toilet functioning like the day it was installed!

Replacing your toilet?  Whether you’re updating an existing property, or finally taking the plunge and carrying out that bathroom renovation you’ve always dreamed of, choosing the right toilet can be one of the most important decisions you will make. One that is often overlooked.

A high quality toilet can help you save money, protect the environment, and conserve water – all without sacrificing performance or peace of mind. Choose the wrong toilet, and you could wind up flushing your hard-earned dollars down the drain.

With so many different models on the market to choose from, how do you know which toilet is right for your family?  Your Oakville plumber can help you make the right decision!  Having been in the Oakville plumbing business for over 15 years, we always keep up on the newest product lines and benefits for the consumer.  The Halton Region offers rebate programs to change out those old, water wasting toilets and replace them with new, environmentally friendly, low flush options.  Ask your Oakville and Burlington plumber for all the information you need on toilets!


Need to replace that old bathroom sink? We can solve all of your Burlington and Oakville plumbing needs. There are extensive lines of sinks in a variety of styles, materials and colours to choose from. Remember, it’s important to choose sinks that are built to withstand the rigors of your daily bathroom routine.

Pedestal sinks feature a lavatory basin that is positioned at a comfortable standing height and rests on a pedestal base.  Some are reminiscent of china washbasins, with finished inside and outside walls. They can be installed to rest above the countertop, or in some cases can be installed with a wall-mount bracket. Wall-mount sinks feature a basin that is hung from the wall at a desired, functional height. Some sinks feature a matching shroud that is placed beneath the basin, for support and to attractively conceal the piping.

Under-mount sinks are required for installation with some specialty countertop selections. When selecting a sink, it's important to make sure that it's compatible with your faucet. Sinks are drilled for faucets with a distance of either 4-inches (center-set) or 8-12-inches (widespread) between the hot and cold faucet handles. Centre-set drillings will accommodate most single-control faucets. Many sinks are also offered with centered single-hole drillings to accommodate single-hole faucets. Some sinks do not have faucet drillings—the faucet is mounted directly on the countertop or on the wall.

No matter what style you choose, your Oakville and Burlington plumbers are here to install it properly the first time!

Faucet Installation

Is your dripping faucet keeping you up at night? Is your old faucet an eyesore that you want to upgrade to a shiny new one?  Are you renovating your bathroom and need to have your faucets and plumbing installed properly? Our licensed and reliable Oakville plumbers are experienced in repairing faucets, whether leaking or broken, we install faucets too.  We work with every brand name imaginable. Vanity, bathtub and shower, we specialize in all kinds of faucets!

In addition to faucets, we can upgrade pipes in your house to give you better water flow. It's not the faucet that's the problem, it is the pipes leading to them! Have us come in and take a look – weak water pressure could be an easy upgrade! Why not turn your bathroom into an oasis of comfort and enjoyment?! Call Us today!

Admiral Plumbing will isolate the problem and act quickly.  It is also advisable to install shut-offs for ease of future repairs and change-outs. Before we get started, we'll assess the job and provide up-front pricing.

Admiral Plumbing Services, Oakville ON

Bathtubs & Showers

Replacing your bathtub?  Our Burlington plumbers can provide all the necessary water and drain piping installations prior to your bathtub install.  From a simple bathtub replacement to complete bathroom remodeling that involves relocating the bathtub piping and drain system, our plumbers are here to get the job done.  

Are you planning to install a new shower with assorted wall jets and rain hoods?  We are experienced in all types of custom shower installations. From a standard shower to the high-tech electronic pressure balanced thermostatic shower, let us do it right the first time! Turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and luxury, and have a professional make sure it's done properly! Let us help you enjoy your new bathroom without any worries!

Our Oakville plumbers have experience in all types of piping and drain requirements for your bathtub and shower.  Give us a call to discuss your plumbing needs.

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