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Servicing both commercial and residential applications, Admiral Plumbing Services has been in business since 1998. Master plumber, Brennan has worked in new construction with builders, renovations with contractors, as well as full residential plumbing services. Today, Brennan focuses on providing plumbing services for residential homes, while also specializing in full basement bathroom renovations.
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Over Ten Years Of Experience
Finding a reliable and affordable plumber in the Oakville, Burlington area can often be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, how do you know who to trust? Look no further than Admiral Plumbing!

We specialize in:
  • All Residential & Commercial Plumbing
  • Bathroom & Basement Renovations
  • And More!

Why waste time and money with apprentices and handymen? Get the job done right the first time with Admiral Plumbing services! Give us a call to speak directly with a licensed and insured Master Plumber! We offer affordable, prompt, and courteous service in Oakville and Burlington! Call now for a free estimate!

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At Admiral Plumbing Services in Burlington, we have been providing the highest quality plumbing services at highly competitive rates since 1998. We pride ourselves in our professional service, superior workmanship and honesty, making us the first choice for clients throughout the Golden Horseshoe... [Read More]
Important things to know
The Ontario building and plumbing codes are constantly being revised and updated to better serve and protect the public. Inadequacies in municipal or private plumbing systems can result in serious problems and even wide spread illness.  These aren't just pipes. These are the pipes that bring clean fresh drinking water into your homes. These are the pipes that safely remove the sewage from your homes and businesses.

Improper plumbing can result in buildings filling with sewer gases, constant blockages, and worse. Plumbing installed by someone without proper knowledge of current building codes can cause a lot of damage down the road that can end up costing thousands in repairs and loss.

By the book
Admiral plumbing will never breach a plumbing code to cut a corner. We recognize the need to do it right the first time. It protects you and us. Everyone wins when a licenced master plumber brings the plumbing to code with everything operating as designed.

Protect your home from flooding
Did you know that more homes are damaged by water than by fire? Leaks can cause immeasurable damage to your home. We take protecting your home seriously.  Our Oakville plumber will assure that you will have the most efficient plumbing system possible (saving you money), proper installations (to assure your health is protected) and the best technology possible within your budget.

We take our job seriously, so you don't have to worry every time you turn on a faucet, or flush your toilet.

Experience counts
Next time you consider selecting a handyman for your plumbing needs, remember that it's not all about price. If you hire an unlicensed plumber to do a job that leaks down the road, the price to repair the damages and re-do the work properly the second time is much more expensive than doing it right the first time. Also, your home owner insurance policy may not cover the damages if the work wasn't done by a licensed and insured plumber.

Why take the risk with the most expensive investment you have?  Call Admiral Plumbing and do it right the first time! 905-334-2121